Cloned Credit Card: 9 Tips to Avoid

Cloned Credit Card: 9 Tips to Avoid

In today’s modern, connected world, the internet is an ally for convenience, especially when it comes to shopping. Faced with such convenience we need to be careful, despite all the technological advances in security of card operators and online stores, the risk of having data stolen on the internet and your cloned credit card is still high. This includes physical purchases on counterfeit card machines and ATMs that are often tampered with.

To keep your finances safe, we’ve prepared some tips on how to avoid credit card scams.

How to avoid scams in the digital medium?


Emails, SMS’s and calls confirming your account details


One of the most common scam techniques is emails or text messages, supposedly sent by banks, asking you to confirm your bank details. This is a scam attempt 100% of the time. No bank uses these means to confirm data. So be aware and do not provide your bank details under any circumstances.


Check out shopping site security

Also a very common practice is data theft when shopping online. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when entering your data on some website. Check the veracity of the site and the quality of service. Always be wary of very low prices, for example.

In some browsers you can see a lock icon next to the site link, which indicates that the site is trustworthy. In addition, installing an antivirus is recommended to ensure the security of your machine.

One way to prevent fraud is to use the “virtual card” feature. With it, you can generate a different limit value and expiration number of your physical card. So for every online purchase you will have a new card. This makes it impossible to clone your physical card. With this security in mind, Sicoob’s credit card has this function through the Supercard Mobile application.


Never enter your password on websites

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Credit card passwords should only be used for physical purchases. At shopping sites, the requested date is usually: card number, expiration date and security code.


Do not access your account on public devices or third party devices

If you wish to access your account always try to do so by ATM or your personal device. Using public networks puts your account access information at risk and may favor scamming.


Set Draw Limits

Check out shopping site security

Depending on the financial institution, you may set limits on the amount of the withdrawal. In cases of scams, the criminal will not be able to withdraw all his money in a single withdrawal. This minimizes potential problems if your card is cloned and is a valuable move for your financial security.


Keep the secrecy!

It sounds obvious, but it is of utmost importance: never share your card password!

Password care is often overlooked by scam victims, so here are some basic tips:

  • never store the card and password in the same place;
  • do not choose birthdates or repeat the same number as your magnetic card password;
  • change the password periodically;
  • do not lend your magnetic card under any circumstances.


Pay attention to payments

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When making credit card payments, try to keep up with the voucher preparation process, preventing the card from being out of sight. Also, be aware of strangers approaching when entering the password.


Card and ATM Machines

A common scam is the forgery of machines and ATMs that record your data and password instead of performing the operation. Counterfeit machines often have a larger size, blurred or underscore keys, and often operating errors. Adulterated ATMs are more difficult to recognize, but are usually the least frequently serviced. To recognize fraud, be aware of the sequence of requested information, pay attention to details.


Monitor your account

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Whether by internet banking, application or ATM, always keep an eye on your account statement and your card statement. While not directly preventing crime, this habit allows you to identify it in advance so that you can notify your financial institution and take appropriate action.


Store your card in a safe place

We know talking is easy, but it’s important to always be aware and keep the card close to you. However, unforeseen events occur, so if lost or stolen, call your card administrator immediately to lock it and prevent misuse.

With Supercard Mobile your life is made easier in these situations. Your account movements will always be in the palm of your hands. With this, if you notice any irregularities or unforeseen occur, you can lock your card through the application, no need to make calls. Likewise, if you find your card or solve the situation, you can unlock it through the app too!

With these tips, you can be more confident, right? Follow the guidelines, stay tuned and realize your financial life much safer.