Debt money – fast and reliable

Debt money – fast and reliable

What if the money was needed urgently?

What if the money was needed urgently?

You can seek help from friends or relatives or use a credit card. But what if you do not want to let your friends know about their difficulties and there is no credit limit on the card? In this situation, you can always use microcredit. Micro-credit has several important advantages over other types of loans:

  • easy. You don’t have to go anywhere to borrow money. Credit is issued on the site, so it can be done from any device and anywhere;
  • available. MFIs make minimum requirements for their clients. The loan can be issued by people from the age of 18, without formal employment;
  • minimum of documents. All you need is a Ukrainian passport, IDN and bank card.

But these are not all the benefits of microcredit. You will receive much more by contacting the microcredit service Is Money.

Microcredit from Yes Money: fast and convenient credit up to 20,000 USD

If you are on the lookout for where to borrow money urgently, you will enjoy the Money Is offer:

  • loans up to USD 20,000 without limiting the amount for new clients;
  • favorable interest rates: 0% for the first 5 days under the Dream and Business programs, negative interest rate (-1%) under the BestNewCredit program;
  • minimum of documents. Only passport, IDN, bank card;
  • the possibility of prolongation and restructuring of loans;
  • loyalty programs for regular customers.

At what age can you borrow money in Is Money? Loans are available to all Ukrainian citizens aged 18 and over. Certificate of income, from work, no criminal record is required.

How to apply for microcredit: three simple steps

How to apply for microcredit

There is Money – an online service, so to apply for a loan you do not need to go to the office of the company, make photocopies and talk to a loan specialist. All this is being replaced by an online loan application and a scoring system that forms a loan decision. How To Borrow Money In Have Money:

  1. Choose a loan program and use a loan calculator to determine the loan amount and term.
  2. Register online and fill out the form by attaching passport scans and IDNs.
  3. Verify the bank card to which the funds will be transferred.

Just follow the instructions on the site by filling out the required questionnaire fields (marked with a red star). And if you have any problems or questions, call the hotline. Micro Credit Is Money – It is convenient, profitable and affordable.