How To Run Small Loans Simulation Online

Loan calculation is one of the most frequently requested transactions by those who need a credit line. Which tool is the most reliable? Reading our article you will find out how, in a few minutes, to perform a simulation of small Government Agency loans online.

Government Agency Loans Management of Public Employees

Government Agency Loans Management of Public Employees

Unlike other operations, the calculation of small Government Agency loans can be performed on the official social security website without having to enter any access credentials.

To obtain a personalized reimbursement plan it is sufficient to enter a few data relating to your request. But how to achieve the functionality for the simulation Small Government Agency loans?

Social security online services

First of all it is necessary to reach the main page of the website social security. You will then have to locate the interface element placed to search for portal content, present at the top of the page.

Inside the search box you will have to type the term “calculation” and then press the “Search” button. The site will thus provide the results, i.e. the pages relevant to the search.

Then click on the service called ” Public Employee Management : simulation of calculation of small loans and multi-year loans”. This page will show various indications about the simulation service Small Government Agency loans and Multi-year loans.

The social security calculation system allows you to receive a simulation of Government Agency social security direct loans: the Small loan and the Multi-year direct Loan.

Online Government Agency social security loan calculation

Online Government Agency social security loan calculation

On the left column of the page there is a menu with the three ways of simulating loans. The simulation occurs with respect to two essential data, namely the date of birth and the net salary of the applicant.

With these elements, the different available loans are presented to the user, with rate, duration and maximum amounts.

With a click on the single loan then it will be possible to know its details. Which ones are they? The installment, the costs associated with the loan, the interest to be incurred and the net sums covered by the credit line.

There are two other simulations, to the two reported basic data it is possible to associate the ideal installment or the sum of the loan.

Loans for civil servants and retirees

Loans for civil servants and retirees

Both the Small Loan and the Multi annual are loans designed for the needs of public employees and retirees enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits.

In both cases the interest rate is fixed, for the small loan we have 4.25% while with the multi-year 3.50% is applied.

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